What is ABA?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a therapy that targets client needs by increasing appropriate behaviors and reducing maladaptive behaviors through ABA principles. Positive reinforcement is used to teach social skills, functional communication, independent living skills like hygiene, grooming, and academics and create goals and carefully measuring the results.

What is the referral process:

First, Welcome to Equitable Learning Solutions! At Equitable Learning Solutions, we come from diverse backgrounds, culturally, economically, and educationally. We understand that many moving parts must come together to ensure inclusive and equitable access to support. Our promise to our clients, families, and community is to collectively work together as a team and provide high-quality services, guidance, and support.

Our process to getting services started:

After receiving the referral, we do a record review. This entails looking at the Neuropsychological Evaluation and any other documents sent to us.

What do sessions look like?

The RBT will pair with the client. Pairing means that the RBT will associate themself with positive activities, toys, etc., to build rapport with the client.

The RBT will take data to determine when pairing is established during the pairing process. Once pairing is established, programs for replacement skills and behavior reduction are introduced. The RBT will take data on replacement skills and maladaptive behaviors. Once there is a significant reduction of maladaptive behaviors, acquisition skills are introduced, and the RBT will continue to take data while the BCBA conducts weekly supervision and oversight of client progress. Through data, direct observations, and family input, decisions regarding programming is continuously monitored.

Our approach to ABA:

Services are conducted in various environments: clinic, home, and community. We look at the whole child and young adult and ensure that their hard work is generalized and maintained across many environments and people.

As part of our promise and dedication to our clients, families, and community, we create a Behavior Plan that is inclusive and diverse and ensures equitable access to support. At Equitable Learning Solutions, we provide parent training in various settings and content: clinic, home, and community. We will work together to make meaningful and sustainable progress for each child, young adult, and family.