Equitable, diverse, inclusive, compassionate, empowering, and ethical services for individuals and their families.

Equitable Learning Solutions seeks to improve the quality of life of individuals in the community by engaging each individual, family, and the community as full partners through various and meaningful inclusive services that ensure equitable access to support.

Unique Approach to ABA

Through integrated services and supports, life-long skills will be taught by addressing each individual’s unique needs through ABA principles, the least restrictive environment, and a diverse environment. Through preschool and daycare individuals and their families will succeed while empowering each individual and their families with various supports.

Equitable Learning Solutions (ELS) is an Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy provider in Michigan serving the Grand Rapids, Kentwood, Holland, and Zeeland areas. ELS thrives on providing individualized home-based, center-based, and community-based therapy for all children served. We believe in equitable access to quality training, mentorship, professional growth, and support for all team members. We believe in equitable access to quality services for all clients and their families.